You’ve decided it’s finally time to give your home’s exterior a fresh coat of paint. But with so many color options to choose from, how do you know which hue will help your house sell the fastest and for top dollar?

As a professional residential and commercial painting company serving Northern California since 2005, MasterPrep Painting has painted hundreds of exteriors in preparation for selling. Here’s our guide to picking the best exterior colors to boost your home’s curb appeal and get it off the market quickly.


The Most Popular Exterior House Colors

While personal taste plays a role, certain exterior colors have proven popular over time as safe, attractive options for home sellers. Here are colors buyers respond well to:


Whites and Off-Whites

White and off-white shades like alabaster, ivory, cream, and beige are always in demand. They create a clean, bright appearance and allow buyers to imagine decorating with their own color scheme. Our most requested off-white is Sherwin-Williams Accessible Beige.


Light Grays

Light grays provide a slight visual interest over white while still appearing modern and clean. Popular grays include Benjamin Moore’s Silver Lake and Sherwin-Williams Mindful Gray. Dark charcoal grays can look imposing so stick to softer hues.


Soft Blues and Greens

Subtle blue-greens like sherbet or seafoam lightly standout from white while having broad appeal. Benjamin Moore’s Owl Gray and Sherwin-Williams Rainwashed are calming examples. Brighter blues and greens are riskier so keep them muted.


Neutral Tans and Browns

Warm beiges, tans and light browns complement brick or stone facades well. Stay on the lighter side—dark muddy browns can look dated. Sherwin-Williams Ryegrass or Benjamin Moore’s Manchester Tan are safe earthy bets.


Color Combinations That Sell

Not only should you choose the right base siding color, but pairing colors throughout your exterior strategically can further boost curb appeal. Here are some of the most appealing and on-trend color combinations:

  • White siding with black shutters and doors
  • Gray siding with white trim and navy doors
  • Tan siding with brown shutters and mocha doors
  • Green siding with red door and white trim

Keep combinations crisp—avoid too many colors or busy patters. And make sure accent colors have enough contrast against your siding.


Factors that Impact Exterior Color Choice

While going with a mainstream color is usually your best bet, also consider these factors that may influence which hues work best for your particular home:


Architectural Style

Take architectural style into account. For example, stick to traditional reds, blues, greens, or black and white for historic homes. On Spanish style homes, terracotta red adds authenticity.


Direction Faced

North-facing homes with less light can benefit from lighter warm tones versus cooler hues that may make it feel shadier. South-facing homes appear brighter so can handle slightly deeper tones.


Surrounding Houses

You want your home to stand out but avoid colors that clash with neighboring properties. Complementary or neutral hues are safe. Don’t duplicate accent colors already prominent around you.



If your landscaping has colorful flowers or plants, select a more neutral exterior that lets the landscape pop. For minimalist landscaping, use bold exterior colors for visual interest. Match cool-toned plants with cool house colors.


Personal Preference

While resale value matters most, also pick a color you enjoy—you may be living with it for years! Our professional painters can suggest comparable hues in your favorite color family.


Pro Painting Tips for Exteriors

Along with choosing the right color, proper paint application ensures your new exterior pops. Our professional house painters follow these best practices:

  • Power wash prior to remove dirt, mildew and loose paint
  • Scuff sand glossy surfaces to improve adhesion
  • Caulk cracks and prime bare wood or metal
  • Use high-quality acrylic latex paints for durability
  • Add a coat of quality primer tinted to your top coat color
  • Apply two finish coats, allowing proper dry time between coats
  • Use rollers on siding, brushes on trim, and paint backyard sides too!



What are the most popular exterior house colors?

White, light grays, beiges, light blues and greens are today’s most popular exterior colors. They have widespread appeal and allow buyers to imagine their own color schemes.

How do I coordinate my exterior colors?

Pair more neutral siding colors with bold doors, shutters or trim for contrast. Or, coordinate all colors for a calm, cohesive look. Just avoid too many competing colors.

Should I avoid bright or bold colors?

For the widest resale appeal, muted medium-tone hues are best. But if a bolder color fits your home’s style and location, it can be fine in moderation. Our painters can suggest creative but tasteful color combinations.

What sheens should I use?

Flat or matte finishes are best for siding and walls to conceal imperfections. On trim, doors and shutters, satin, eggshell or semi-gloss offer added durability and visual depth.


Give Your Exterior a Selling Advantage

As Northern California painting experts, MasterPrep Painting delivers outstanding service and results. We provide:

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