Wood Repair Services in Oroville and Surrounding Communities

As you know, wood is a popular building material in both homes and commercial buildings in the Oroville, CA area. It’s a strong and versatile material that is often used for trims, door frames, siding, and decking. It can add an artistic charm to your home or commercial building that no other material can replicate.

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When used on the exterior, however, wood is continuously exposed to the elements except for the thin protective coating of paint or some other protective treatment. Without proper protection and regular maintenance, wood will quickly start to show signs of wear and tear.

This isn’t just a problem of curb appeal. Worn out wood becomes weaker over time, and this could eventually lead to a serious safety hazard or much higher repair costs in the future.

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moisture damage

mold damage

rotting wood

warped wood

deep Scratch

termite damage

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How MasterPrep keeps your home or commercial building beautiful, inside and out

Along with our painting services, MasterPrep Painting offers comprehensive wood repair services in Oroville and the surrounding communities.

Our team is experienced in taking care of any kind of wood damage; termite infestations, wood rot, and moisture damage.

We work with expert precision to make sure that your damaged wooden surfaces are repaired to perfection and any wood that must be removed is replaced with the highest quality wood available. 

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